Mick Vogel,
I'm originally from Liverpool, Merseyside.... I now reside in the beautiful village of Cookham, Berkshire....

My love for photography actually started several years ago while out one Sunday pursuing one of my other favorite pastimes, Coarse Fishing....
Sitting on the banks of The River Thames, on a cold damp autumn day, a Kingfisher landed on the end of my fishing rod,, he sat there for a few seconds, looked at me,
dived into the river, came out with a fish in his beak, then flew off.. I was totally gobsmacked... (and he caught more than me..)
From that day on i fell in love with the Kingfisher, and that's when my photographic journey began....I have now photographed many Kingfishers, but never on the end of my fishing rod,,, yet !!!
As you'll see by browsing through my galleries, i've become to love photographing anything from landscapes, wildlife, events and families to street photography...
At the end of 2014 i published my first photographic book, titled : The Cookhams, Marlow & The River Thames. The book features 26 of my favorite landscape shots from around my local area.
It is available through Blurb books..

I've had many of my wildlife shots featured in several camera magazines, such as
Digital SLR Magazine
DSLR Magazine
Digital Photo Magazine
Advanced Photographer Magazine
Bird Watching Magazine
Two of my Bird shots have been used in ' The Berkshire Bird Atlas' book 2014.
I've also won 'Wildlife Image Of The Year' at Photography Forum.Org.
I'm an active member of Maidenhead Camera Club

If you have any comments or would like to purchase any of my work (as prints minus any watermark), please email me at


Welcome to my website. Please feel free to browse through my galleries..